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The Lerman Law Firm (Cathy Jackson Lerman, PA) today praised WPTV investigative reporter Jenn Strathman for her efforts to lay out key steps that consumers should take to protect themselves before hiring home improvement contractors. In a two-part series* that aired on the West Palm Beach NBC affiliate WPTV, Strathman conducted in-depth interviews with two elderly customers of Renuen Corporation, a publicly traded company (RENU) in Jupiter, Florida. These two elderly women had purchased solar water systems from the company that were not correctly permitted (according to Renuen’s CEO) and did not work properly.

Strathman warned consumers to be vigilant when signing contracts for home improvement work, particularly when the products are financed. Consumers should check out the contractor to make sure they are licensed, to see if they have any complaints with the Better Business Bureau and to ask for references.

Cathy Lerman, of the Lerman Law Firm, a consumer protection lawyer and advocate stated today: “We applaud Jenn and WPTV for taking on this critically important consumer issue. The elderly in particular need to be careful when signing any documents having to do with their homes and home improvements. Consumers need to be aware that home improvement contractors have the legal ability to place a lien against customers’ homes, so consumers need to be especially vigilant when entering into those types of agreements.”

Ms. Lerman recommends that elderly citizens avoid signing any documents or contracts without having an attorney review them in advance. “Our law firm and many others in Florida offer senior citizens, for a modest fee, legal review of contracts for many kinds of services in order to ensure that the elderly are not being exploited. No one should be in fear of losing his or her home, particularly the elderly,” added Lerman.

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*Energy Solutions of Florida / RenuEn customers question promises of savings; CEO blames salesmen, 10.2.14,

**RenuEn / Energy Solutions of Florida skipped steps meant to protect homeowners, 10.3.14,

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Please take notice that RenueEn Corporation, Jeffrey Charles Nemes, and Dongjoon Alexander Kim (“Plaintiffs”) have initiated an action in the United States District Court, Middle District of Florida – Orlando Division, Case No. 6:14-cv-1754-Orl-41TBS (the “Action”), due to allegedly false statements made by the author of this review ("cristopheredwards9900 ").

In the Action, Plaintiffs seek to subpoena the records of Opinion Corp. (d/b/a Pissed Consumer) for contact information and any other messages that you have posted on Pissed Consumer under this pseudonym, or any other pseudonyms, about Plaintiffs.

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You may have a right to file and serve a response to the subpoena anonymously. If you intend to file and serve a response, please do so, or notify us of your intent to do so, on or before December 21, 2014, by contacting Whitney C.

Gibson, Esq. via email ( or facsimile (513-852-7825).


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